South Georgia Quail Hunting, Fishing, & Lodge SouthWind Plantation

We are SouthWind Plantation, one of only twenty-four Orvis Endorsed Wing-Shooting facilities in the United States. From some of the best quail hunting in the world to offering guests the opportunity to try their luck at catching one of our trophy bass, SouthWind offers the perfect atmosphere for the avid outdoorsmen.

Feed Your Passion for Outdoor Adventure

SouthWind Plantation guests enjoy the trough shot after a successful quail hunt!

Make Your Next Outdoor Experience Unforgettable

Owner Tim Smith personally opens his private estate to you, turning it into the ultimate sports playground for natural encounters you will never forget. With new and expanded lodging facilities, SouthWind makes for the perfect place to accommodate any group, whether large or small.

Return to the Very Essentials of Life

The “ultimate hunting experience”, which is found at SouthWind Plantation, is truly extraordinary. You will enjoy the facilities, food, and outdoor activities only found at a five-star hunting lodge. SouthWind is proud to offer five thousand acres, which encompasses the finest hunting land in the United States for your enjoyment. Once you have had the opportunity to experience the Southern hospitality offered at SouthWind, you will leave with your spirit reborn and your soul recharged.

SouthWind Plantation is honored to be recognized as an Orvis Endorsed Wing-Shooting Lodge and Orvis Endorsed Dog Breeder.

SouthWind Blogs

  • SouthWind Is Renowned As An Excellent Place To Hunt Quail

    On October 1st, 2016, Quail Hunting Season at SouthWind Plantation begins. We invite you to come and enjoy this wonderful sport. There isn’t a better place to enjoy it either. In fact, SouthWind is one of only 24 Orvis Endorsed Wing Shooting Facilities in the United States. So it’s no wonder how popular we are as a première hunting destination.

    With the new season upon us, we have compiled some fun Trivia Facts that you may find interesting about Quail Hunting.

    • Quail can’t endure long flights, generally no more than 200 yards per flight.
    • Quail usually live their entire lives within a 40 acre radius.
    • Flushing refers to the Quail’s explosive but short, rapid flights when startled.
    • Quail only live 2 or 3 years.
    • Quail are fond of dust baths. In fact, you can track them from the ground impressions they leave behind from these baths.
    • Quail eggs are cream colored with black splotches.
    • 12 or 20 Gauge Shotguns are the ideal guns for a Quail hunt.
    • Early morning or evening is the best time to hunt Quail.
    • Quail measure 10 to 12 inches in length.
    • Quail usually eat berries, seeds, leaves and insects.
    • A well trained dog will always improve your Quail shoot.

    SouthWind is the perfect place for a beginner or an experienced Quail hunter. Enjoy your hunt during the day and our luxurious accommodations in the evening. We welcome your visit to SouthWind Plantation. Just give us a call at 800-456-5208 or visit our website at

    SouthWind Plantation, the ultimate hunting experience.

  • SouthWind Proves Team Building Works

    Attapulgus, Georgia – September 6, 2016 – Off-site Teambuilding is strategy commonly used by businesses and corporations to improve their business productivity

  • SouthWind Plantation Proudly Presents Its New Reynolds Lodge

    Reynolds Lodge is an exquisite addition to SouthWind Plantation. This lodge, nestled in its own private little haven, is named in honor of the Reynold’s Family.

  • Shhhhhhh……puppies are sleeping!

    We are proud to announce the completion of our state-of-the-art puppy kennel at SouthWind Plantation. It features five indoor and outdoor kennels, two brand new administrative offices, a Veterinarian on call 24/7, and, of course, it is the new home to our pride and joy, Coco and Bandit.

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South Georgia Hunting Lodge

SouthWind Plantation is what every hunting / fishing lodge strives to be. Come enjoy exquisite lodging with all the amenities.

South Georgia Fishing

SouthWind's fishing adventures are waiting for you. enjoy fishing for trophy bass, copper head bream or any number of healthy species.

South Georgia Bird Hunting

South Georgia Bird Hunting

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